How can finance leaders prepare for the risks their business is set to face when there is no precedent to fall back on?

The finance function is fighting fire with fire as it operates in economic conditions many haven’t experienced before, from cash preservation to refiguring financial forecasts with limited lead time and quickly responding to regulatory changes. To cope with such unprecedented events, the financial community is welcoming the need to come together, not only to stabilise their finances in the short term but to collaboratively lay the groundwork to build financial resilience in ways that will shape their companies for years to come.

So, as the finance function prepares for another challenging year, CFOs consider how best to protect the organisation’s financial health and work with each facet of the business; commercial, operations, corporate, and technology to become a greener, more competitive, and resilient organisation. Built for and by the community itself, the CFO Executive Dialogue will help finance leaders to:

  • Navigate through volatility while aiming for growth by embarking on new opportunities to drive change and innovation.
  • Comply with sustainability disclosure requirements: ISSB and EU’s Taxonomy and CSRD by keeping your business up to date!
  • Guidance to CFOs in creating supply chain driven shareholder value when facing unexpected risks.
  • Prepare accurate financial planning for a volatile world by adding xFP&A to your FP&A projects.
  • Foster a winning relationship with their CEO and Board.
  • How to bridge the strategy gap between finance and business?
  • Construct a talent game plan to align with the changing business needs.
  • Leverage digital and blockchain potential by understanding how it works within the financial system.

Join us at The CFO Executive Dialogue, for a virtual gathering that is highly focused on collaboration, learning, and engagement amongst senior finance leaders. The programme will exhibit scene setters from influential CFOs, followed by carefully curated interactive digital incubators offering live engagements that deliver playbooks and practical action plans to drive the finance function forward.

Attendees at The CFO Executive Dialogue will include: