Our journey began when CFO Agenda was launched in 2015 as the headline event for our finance publication The CFO (formerly The Financial Director), underpinned by over 35 years of expertise.

Playing host to the most senior finance leaders on the globe, it was here that our senior finance community was built. The CFO Agenda provided a place for senior finance leaders to connect, collaborate, and access intelligence on the most pressing challenges within the industry.

In 2020, when the global pandemic hit and paused in-person events, we ensured that our community continued to gain the insights and value they needed through the CFO Virtual Agenda offering. Our biannual virtual summits provided an immersive online learning environment where our community could continue to connect with other senior finance leaders and explore the most important themes that surfaced in 2020.

From this emerged the new CFO Executive Dialogue.


The CFO Executive Dialogue has evolved from conversations with our finance community focusing on what matters to them, and how they want to work collaboratively with peers.

Built for and by the community itself, the CFO Executive Dialogue will provide finance leaders with the connections and strategies they require.

As a result, we have developed a new session format that explores the strategic finance challenges of tomorrow. The Executive Dialogue is comprised of a Scene-Setter followed up by a carefully curated interactive Digital Incubator, under the guidance of our solution-orientated session leads.

Once part of the Executive Dialogue you will remain part of the community.



Where the big questions get answered and we lay the groundwork for the Digital Incubators. This could take the form of a keynote style talk from a thought leader, an on-demand podcast, intimate fireside chat or a panel session where you can hear from multiple points of view.


Digital Incubators are the interactive cornerstone of the Executive Dialogue. Each incubator will radically reinvent how we tackle challenges, navigate personal development stumbling blocks and fuel the realisation of opportunities to power a new breed of business. In conjunction with your peers, interactive incubators will allow you the opportunity to forge avenues to co-create desired solutions and roadmaps. Under the guidance of solution-orientated?facilitators, you’ll leverage the benefit of multiple perspectives by building off one another’s input to generate tangible next steps to propel your business, function, and career forward.


  • 1 hour of highly interactive engagement
  • Uniting 25 of your peers who share similar objectives
  • Framed around your major pain points & future opportunities
  • Guided by solution-orientated thought leaders
  • Co-create your desired outcomes
  • Access to impactful follow up resources

Being part of the CFO Executive Dialogue this October is where your journey begins.