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The challenge:

Over the next two years, it is projected that 72% of finance teams will undertake the centralisation of their financial systems and processes. This shift is primarily motivated by the necessity for all finance team members to adhere to standardised procedures and utilise consistent tools. By doing so, they can effectively mitigate errors and inconsistencies while concurrently saving valuable time and resources. Nonetheless, this endeavor poses significant challenges for the CFO due to the intricate nature of integrating diverse legacy systems and processes. CFOs must additionally consider the financial implications, such as implementing heightened security measures, and skillfully address potential resistance within the organisational culture.

Digital Incubator Discussion Points:

  • How can CFOs effectively assess and strike the right balance between centralisation and local autonomy?
  • What are the essential change management strategies that CFOs should employ to successfully implement unified finance practices across dispersed teams?
  • What are the key considerations for ensuring data security and privacy when implementing unified finance practices across dispersed teams, and how can organisations mitigate the associated risks?
  • How can CFOs ensure that unified finance practices are sustainable over the long term?
  • How can centralised finance practices, coupled with data analytics and business intelligence, empower CFOs to make more informed decisions?

Digital Incubator Outcomes:

  • Access to insights on standardised FP&A practices that enables better alignment to strategic goals and facilitates accurate forecasting.
  • Learn strategies and tools to facilitate cross-team coordination, enhance knowledge sharing, and foster effective communication channels.
  • How to improve risk identification and mitigation by implementing consistent controls, policies, and procedures, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

C-Suite: CFO/Chief Financial Officer, CFO of Region (e.g. EMEA), MD, Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer/CRO
VP / SVP /Group Head / Group Director / Director / Global Head of / Head of: Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, Finance Operations, Divisional Finance, Group Finance Director, Finance and IT, Commercial Finance, Financial Reporting, Financial Control & Planning, Internal Audit, Strategy & Portfolio Performance

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