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The challenge:

The finance industry is experiencing an unprecedented acceleration of transformation, necessitating leaders to adeptly navigate market shifts, technological advancements, regulatory changes, and evolving customer expectations. To avoid obsolescence, finance teams must proactively embrace change and adopt a forward-thinking mindset, as relying solely on technical expertise is no longer sufficient. By assuming the role of strategic guides and catalysts for transformation, finance leaders bear the weight of shaping the organisation’s future trajectory, necessitating a finance team that embraces change and navigates through complexities with resilience and agility. How can CFOs ensure their finance team of today is equipped with the right set of soft skills to thrive in a culture that embraces change tomorrow?

Digital Incubator Discussion Points:

  • What strategies can finance leaders employ to create a culture of continuous learning and adaptation within their teams, enabling them to revolutionise their approach to change?
  • What role does leadership play in supporting and empowering team members to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo?
  • What steps can finance leaders take to proactively assess the existing skill set within their teams, and identify areas that require enhancement or diversification?
  • How can finance leaders break free from traditional hiring practices and explore innovative methods for identifying and attracting talent with the right skills?

Digital Incubator Outcomes:

  • Actionable takeaways on how to lead teams through transformation journeys effectively.
  • Techniques to communicate the benefits of change to minimise resistance during the change process.
  • How to identify change champions, with specific emphasis on the characteristic required.
  • Gain insights into how to identify skill gaps within a team and how to implement training & development programs that enhance change management capabilities.

Who is the session speaker?

C-Suite: CFO/Chief Financial Officer, CFO of Region (e.g. EMEA), MD, Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer/CRO
VP / SVP /Group Head / Group Director / Director / Global Head of / Head of: Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, Finance Operations, Divisional Finance, Group Finance Director, Finance and IT, Commercial Finance, Financial Reporting, Financial Control & Planning, Internal Audit, Strategy & Portfolio Performance

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