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Introducing CFO Executive Dialogue

Join us on March 10 for an exciting new offering designed by and for the finance community to collaborate ideas on how to overcome the challenges ahead

The CFO Executive Dialogue is an exciting new offering designed for and by the finance community to come together to explore the strategic challenges of tomorrow.

As we move into a new year, one thing is for sure – volatility and uncertainty are here to stay. Finance departments will play a pivotal role in steering organisations forward amid a myriad of headwinds, from the day-to-day activities that keep companies running smoothly to delivering insights to the C-suite that will inform the strategic growth of the business.

As the role of the CFO evolves, so do their priorities, with sustainability and talent moving up the agenda. How can companies embed ESG targets into tangible business strategy? Do we have the people leadership capabilities necessary for today’s world?

Join us on March 10 for a collaborative exploration of your key pain points, opportunities, and personal development goals. The CFO Executive Dialogue provides a community led solution for learning, co-creating strategies and developing skills, better enabling you to lead, transform and elevate yourself and your finance function to a new level.

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What’s New:

  • Introducing Scene-Setters, a new way to kick off the event to help you get into the right mindset and energise you to tackle challenges collaboratively.
  • New Digital Incubators, discussion-led interactive workshops helping you with tackling challenges, realise new opportunities and to help inspire innovation.
  • Solution-orientated consultants will lead the sessions to help you craft solutions and outcomes to the complex challenges and opportunities the Incubators are built around.

Agenda highlights:

Macroeconomic Update: Where We Are Now

In this era of fast-paced change and ever-present disruption, this important scene setter will provide a vital update of the macroeconomic landscape in the UK, Europe and across the globe. With a sharp focus on the external factors most impacting your businesses and your roles as finance leaders, it will provide broader context for the issues that will be explored over the course of the day. From inflation to Brexit to consumer trends, Sonali Punhani, Chief UK Economist at Credit Suisse will provide the insights and projections based on real-time data, enabling you to focus on what you can control rather than trying to predict the future.

Getting to Grips with Data-driven Decision Making [digital incubator]

The skillset required of a CFO and their finance teams is rapidly changing, and in today’s digital world you need to be able to rely on data insights in your day-to-day decision-making to keep up with competition. CFOs must take ownership of data and be able to draw out meaningful insights from it. But where to begin? Olga Rudakova, Finance Professional and Data Skills Trainer will help you to kick-start your journey.

Incubator Discussion Points:

  • How to cultivate a data-driven culture in my organisation?
  • What skills and capabilities do my team and I need to utilize data insights successfully and efficiently?
  • What practical techniques can I implement tomorrow to make better data-based decisions?

Building Sustainability into Every Step of Your Decision Analysis [digital incubator]

The pressure to be sustainable is increasing in all industries, coming from investors, consumers and regulators alike – organisations must show that they are including sustainability criteria from COP26 into their daily business practices. CFOs across Europe are asking where to begin? For genuine progress to be made, ESG can’t be an afterthought – all decision-making processes must be challenges and finance must ensure sustainability is front and centre of strategies.

Incubator Discussion Points:

  • What is the impact on the bottom line of having strong ESG credentials?
  • How can finance support transformation to a more sustainable business model?
  • Why should it be a CFOs responsibility to align the organisation’s ESG and financial goals?

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