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FD festive quiz answers

20 brain teasers on some of the most important, and silliest, things that happened in 2018!

Financial Director’s festive quiz answers:

Who was the female CFO of a Chinese tech company arrested in what has become a global incident between the US, Canada and China? Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

How many Brexit secretaries resigned this year? Two, David Davis and Dominic Raab

Who led the review of the Financial Reporting Council? Sir John Kingman, chairman of legal & General

Who resigned as financial director of Royal Bank of Scotland? To become finance head of which organisation? Ewen Stevenson, HSBC

Several members of the management team of a well-known grocer were cleared of fraud this year. What was the company and how much was it thought to have been overstated by? Tesco, £263m

Which leader of a global car manufacturer was arrested this year? Carlos Ghosn

It is 10 years since the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers- who was the CFO of Lehman Brothers the day it collapsed? Ian Lowitt (Erin Callan was the most public face of the bank in the build up to the crash-she lasted six months as CFO of Lehmans before being replaced by Lowitt)

Which CFO left National Grid to become the finance chief of Caterpillar? Andrew Bonfield

Who has taken up his role as the head of the 100 Group of finance directors? BP CFO Brian Gilvary

Who is Director of the SFO? Lisa Osofsky

Who said in 2018: “I won’t be producing a red book today, Mr Speaker, but of course, I can’t speak for the right honourable member opposite.” Chancellor Philip Hammond

Who was the first female chair of the Institute of Directors who left the post this year? Lady Barbara Judge

Who is the chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority? Andrew Tyrie

Which major accountancy firm announced this year its chief executive- the first female leader of a major UK firm- is leaving? Grant Thornton

Who considered herself ‘a bloody difficult woman’? Prime Minister Theresa May

Who is the US commerce secretary? Wilbur Ross

Which company was briefly this year the world’s first trillion-dollar corporation? Apple

Who said in 2018: “You will have to wait until 2026 to find out which MPC member’s knowledge of football matches their understanding of the UK economy”? Governor Mark Carney

Which of the following was not interviewed by Financial Director in 2018: Vince Cable, Greg Clark, John McDonnell (clue: twice he agreed and then pulled out at the last minute)? Business Secretary Greg Clark

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