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Companies House filing to be 100% digital by 2019

All filings with Companies House to be digital within three years

COMPANIES HOUSE has confirmed it aims to become a “100% digital organisation” by 2019.

Currently, around 80% of businesses file online with the government department, but the aim is to become a completely digital service inside three years as part of the government’s Digital by Default drive.

For some key transactions with Companies House, such as annual returns and incorporations, 99% were submitted digitally.

The department confirmed it is capable of receiving and processing accounts produced in an iXBRL format.

It added the fees associated with some documents are lower when filing online compared to paper, Companies House said in its announcement. For example, an annual return costs £13 when filed online, but £40 when filed by paper.

The government’s Digital by Default drive has seen a huge range of government services begin to migrate to online-only. Notably, real-time PAYE has suffered various teething problems, while concerns persist over online tax accounts.

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