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Q&A: Jagjit Dosanjh-Elton, CFO, Gemserv

Managing all her commitments means sleep is at a premium for Dosanjh-Elton

1. Rise early or work late?

I typically tend to work late, as this part of the day affords me the most time for unconstrained thinking – although I flex my work commitments around my children’s needs.

2. Training preferences: on the job or formal?

Definitely on the job, I love gaining first-hand experience and there certainly is no substitute for this. Formal training is also important to ensure knowledge on latest developments remains up to date, plus its always a great opportunity to network with peers.

3. What’s your management style?

I like to think its collaborative although it has been said it can be directional. On reflection while I like to ensure there is a shared understanding on the expected outcomes/results, we always work as a team to ensure our collective efforts delivers an evolving quality service to our stakeholders.

4. Does delegation come easy?

It’s certainly not something that has come naturally, but rather something that has been learned through practice. As our organisation continues to grow, delegating effectively is essential. I delegate much more now and have adapted my management style to provide oversight from a distance to ensure quality and completeness are not compromised.

5. Who do you rely on most?

My direct reports for ‘making it happen’ from managing operations, delivering projects to sharing innovative ideas and my CEO for support, as a sounding board and most importantly as a critical friend.

6. Boardroom or restaurant?

A difficult one. My natural inclination would be restaurant as in an informal environment that is when relationships are really built and sometimes the most valuable insights gained. However the boardroom certainly is the place for objective decision-making.

7. What technology would you never be without?

My iPhone. It has almost everything I need at my fingertips, contacts, emails and internet access.

8. Are you an FD for life?

I thoroughly enjoy being an FD right from the technical aspects of the role to the position that it holds at the board level. Will I do it for life? Well that is quite a commitment. I could be tempted to explore other career paths at some point in the future.

9. What keeps you awake at night?

Wanting to have it/do it all. I am 100% committed to my role, bringing up my young children as well as ensuring I make time to socialise with my friends/family/peers and go to the gym. To fit all this in, I do compromise on sleep.

10. Critical advice to aspiring FDs?

Building relationships is key in your chosen career path. Understanding the key drivers of your business and your stakeholder group determines to what extent the FD can drive success in an organisation.

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