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TakingStock - Struck by a decline in invitations.

TS has been watching a lot of television of late and would like to congratulate Anne and Peter Jenkins, the accountancy couple who decided to raise the investment capital needed for their dotcom start-up by winning on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Brave decision, but it bagged them #125,000. Most people would have just gone looking for a venture vulture. Mind you not everyone was so impressed.

Last week Anne was at the annual dinner of the ICAEW, where she is a council member. Sir Peter Davis sang her praises in his speech but Graham Ward, institute president, made a point of informing Jenkins that he knew the answer to the all important question, ‘what kind of animal is a fieldfare?’.

TS didn’t know Ward was so ornithologically inspired, or was he trying to prove he could have won too? If that’s the case TS challenges him to get on the show. After all he’s got friends to call.

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