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Peter Suyk is the new UK FD of Netherlands-based European internet data communications company KPNQwest.

Age 41

Qualification & date Industrial engineering & mgt science, Eindhoven University, 1987.

What things other than finance do you do in your job?

I am a member of the UK senior management team, which means I get involved in all issues relating to KPNQwest UK, for example, founding incentive schemes and developing strategy.

Would you rather spend more time doing non-finance things?

Yes. Being part of the UK senior management team has increased my exposure and understanding of UK issues, which is very interesting. Although I am good with figures, I am not really the accounting type.

What is on your desk (e.g. PC, too much paper etc)? I work in an “organised-chaos” environment, with files and paper everywhere, but I know that I can pinpoint where anything is immediately.

What percentage of your week is spent in meetings? About a third of it in meetings, which are generally ad-hoc and not provisioned for, and another 10% on conference calls.

What do you like/dislike about the role of finance director?

Like: being a member of the senior management team – seeing the broader view. Dislike: the monthly number reporting.

What is the best/worst thing about your auditors? Best: their cooperation in collating the paperwork for the 1999 figures. Worst: the time it took for the 1999 figures to get through – translating from US GAAP to UK GAAP.

What accounting standard/ regulation/company law would you like to see scrapped?

I would like to see one universal accounting procedure, instead of a mix of local standards.

How would you rank our list of key FD attributes (most important first)?

(a) accuracy 4th

(b) stewardship 6th

(c) entrepreneurial skills 2nd

(d) people management 3rd

(e) strategic thinking 1st

(f) leadership 5th.

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