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Financial bites.

Labour business manifesto.

“Far from reducing burdens on business, Labour has expanded ?bureaucracy.

Under Labour, DTI spending has risen by 53% to #4.8bn. There are now 1,560 ?more civil servants in the DTI than in 1997.”

Conservative business manifesto.

“Sometimes in life chemistry doesn’t work and it is better to realise that ?quickly.”

CEO of Roche, the multinational pharmaceuticals company, on the sudden ?resignation of CFO Anton Affentranger.

“After the merger (of Grand Met and Guinness) we gathered together 60 ?people from our predecessor finance departments and asked, ‘How can we ?best serve our shareholders?’ Their overwhelming response was: ‘Let’s blow ?up the budget.'”

Diageo FD Nick Rose, quoted in eCFO: Sustaining value in the new ?corporation (review page 45).

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