More News » TakingStock – CIMA execs won’t settle for jam sarnie.

TakingStock - CIMA execs won't settle for jam sarnie.

So fast has CIMA expanded, it has recently found itself short of space and has decamped from Portland Place to plush new buildings on the shores of the Thames at Pimlico. Problem is the CIMA high flyers still don’t have adequate meeting rooms so have had to go cap in hand across the road to those Bob the Builder types at the Royal Institute of British Architecture to use their cafe. And, it seems, the presence of management accountants has seen the quality of the food improve no end. Not surprising really. Most builders exist on giant fry-ups and jam sarnies for lunch. Incidentally, we at TS have learned when it comes to putting someone on a pedestal CIMA really knows how to do it. The entire top floor is given over to the chief executive’s offices. There’s nothing like hogging the best spot for yourself.

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