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Extraordinary Millennium - Reading, 'Riting and Retirement

Whatever may happen on Millennium Eve, there are some things we don’t have to wait to find out about. We’ve had the reject consignment of tinned food (99 years past its sell-by date) and the embarrassment of having credit cards being refused because the expiry date was 01/00.

Our sister organisation VNU Newswire recently reported that a retired teacher in Switzerland – land of the millennium-compliant cuckoo clock – received a letter ordering him to report to school. Not, of course, to help alleviate a desperate shortage of teachers, but because the non-Y2K-compliant town hall database thought that it was about time the 105-year-old pensioner got packed off to learn the three Rs, like any good Swiss five-year-old.

What the hell: it was time for a refresher course, anyway.

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