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Extraordinary Millennium - More time, gentlemen, please

Cap Gemini’s recent survey has made it abundantly clear that there simply isn’t enough time to solve the Y2K bug problem. Indeed, it suggests that, the more you spend solving the bug, the more you realise how unlikely it is that you’ll make the deadline.

So it’s time for crisis measures, contingency plans and, above all, prioritisation – especially given that the Home Office has now said that the pubs can open all night on Millennium Eve, until 11am the next day.

So forget about the payroll system, the air traffic control systems (nobody’s going to be flying anyway – see below) and don’t lose any sleep over the electricity generators – candles have been Y2K-compliant for centuries.

Instead, make sure the imbedded chips don’t freeze shut the cash tills at the Star & Garter at midnight on 1.1.00.

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