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Extraordinary items - Oh, go on then. Just the one share, please

The curiously named Japanese mobile phone company NTT DoCoMo is floating on the Japanese stockmarket and will be worth a whopping Y7.5 trillion – or #37.5bn in old money. That compares with #20.5bn for Vodafone and #5.6bn for Orange.

But it’s not just the market value that’s huge. The share price itself is Y3.9m – that’s #19,500 a share! It makes the occasional plea at UK agms for a scrip issue because an #8 share price is “a little heavy” look a little ridiculous.

Has DoCoMo got the biggest share price? No, that honour resides with the company headed by America’s second-richest man, Warren Buffet. Berkshire Hathaway, the investment vehicle-cum-conglomerate, hasn’t had a share split or even paid a dividend in 35 years. Its shares are priced at $63,000 – #37,000.

If you see Sid, tell him not to bother. [HH] Extraordinary items – Wear tofs (anag). [PP] 76 [PL] UK

We’ve stumbled across a Website that is bound to make you think, just what is in a name? More than you thought.

At you type in a name or short phrase, your e-mail address and within the hour you will be sent a list of anagrams.

An amusing, if time-wasting, diversion, so definitely after-hours fun only.

“Financial Director” was regurgitated as “Clarification nerd” (no doubt reflecting our mission to seek out and explain), “Californian credit” (inexplicable West Coast linkage to financial terminology) and “Darn it! A nice frolic” (we do try to entertain).

When we tried “A VNU Business Publication”, our efforts to deliver witty and pithy headlines were ungratefully reflected in the anagram, “A vicious, unstable puns bin”. You just can’t please some computers.

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