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DLA spreads its wings

It’s barely nine months since the London financial recruitment consultancy DLA executed its management buy-out from Douglas Llambias Associates. But in that short time, the business has spread as far as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sydney, Auckland and Moscow. An opening in Melbourne is imminent.

It’s an expansion programme that would terrify many venture backers with its speed. But managing director Bruce Page says that the rapid growth makes sense. The “Commonwealth” sites in particular not only operate in their own active, local markets, they also act as a useful catchment area, supplying the UK demand for trained finance staff.

“One of the principal objectives is to supply to the UK market, to deal with the import of suitably qualified people from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand,” Page says. “There’s always a lot of people looking to come into the UK for two years, post-qualifying,” – though many South Africans are looking to leave, permanently.

However, without a British parent or grandparent, overseas job-seekers can only come to the UK on a “working holiday” visa, which is only available to those under the age of 28.

New FD at DLA, page 6.

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