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Anything's got to be better than

Last month we mentioned the takeover bid by Yule Catto for Holliday Chemicals, and speculated – hoped, even – that the new group would be called Yule Holliday. It inspired us to contemplate what other mergers might be put together with a view to creating a corporate name more interesting than, say, BTR or Smiths Industries. Readers promulgated the merger between a well-known Silicon Valley computer company and a cellphone company – but that would be Apples & Oranges. We’ve also heard mention of a tie-up between B&Q and P&O, but there is some confusion as to whether it would be called BO or Ps&Qs. But our undoubted champagne winner is David Lester of Sutton, Surrey, who reckons that a merger between consumer products group Reckitt & Colman and Thistle Hotels carries the seeds of its own destruction – especially if the group is called “Thistle Reckitt”. By the way, thanks but no cigar to Jonathan Astley in Coventry, who reminded us that there is a firm of solicitors in Leamington Spa called Wright Hassell. Truth, as he says, is so often stranger than fiction.

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