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MOPy Dick

Our picture shows an HP MOPy fish screen-saver that you can download from Hewlett-Packard’s website, He bounces about your screen, and if you click your mouse he’ll dart about.

But it’s more fun than that. By scoring points, you can cash them in to buy your MOPy fish a rock and plant to play around, some air bubbles to keep his water fresh or a thermometer to make sure he doesn’t get deep fried. Rack up 3200 points and you can buy him some aphrodisiac fish food.

So how do you score these points? Clue: MOPy stands for Multiple Original coPy. Every time you print pages from your PC you score points. Run off lots copies of the same document – instead of using your boring old photocopier – and you score lots more points.

You also empty your expensive HP toner cartridge a lot faster.

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