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Make a date with the Year 2000

Year 2000 computer crisis getting you down? You’ve got another 828 … 827 … 826 … days to worry whether that spotty-faced youth who just charged you #5m to fix your software was a real COBOL programmer or not.

But now you can keep track of how many days there are until the lifts stop working, schoolchildren get sent pension books and payroll deducts 99 years and 11 months worth of overpaid salary from your paycheque.

The War Child has produced a countdown wall calendar that lasts from 6 April 1997 (day 1000) until Big Ben’s midnight chimes in 825 … 824 … 823 … days from now. Beautifully illustrated with photographs by the late, great Ernst Haas, it costs #15 from Tower Records or Books Etc, or by mail order (price #16.50) from Faber Book Services, Freepost, Harlow, Essex CM20 2YD. Either way, at least #10 goes to the organisation that aims to help children in war zones such as Bosnia.

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