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INSOLVENCY - Goodman loses C4 fight

Leonard Curtis senior partner Keith Goodman has lost his year-long battle to force an apology from Channel 4’s current affairs programme Dispatches, over its expose of the insolvency profession.

Goodman complained to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission after the programme featured an insolvency handled by him. Goodman said the liquidation was put across unfairly. He also branded the programme ‘a scabby hatchet job’.

But in a ruling delivered last week the commission said: ‘Mr Goodman’s case was sufficiently “ring-fenced” from the more serious items alleging corruption and illegality by others, and there was therefore no unfair implication that, through guilt by association, he was himself corrupt and venal.’

Commenting on the ruling, Goodman said: ‘I am thoroughly disappointed and thoroughly out of pocket.’

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