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BT Group's strategic alliance with SAP

Through the SAP Sustainability Data Exchange, BT Group and SAP are piloting a path towards standardised carbon accounting

In a landscape where 87% of total global commerce is steered by SAP customers, BT Group’s alliance with SAP isn’t just a venture, it’s a statement. The adoption of SAP S/4HANA Finance marks not merely a technological transition for BT Group, but a stride into a realm where actionable insights dictate the pace and trajectory of financial strategies.

The collaboration began simmering back in 2019, setting the stage for a multi-dimensional partnership that burgeoned beyond finance, encapsulating procurement, workforce management, and a shared vision for sustainability. The SAP S/4HANA Finance deployment is a cornerstone of BT Group’s ‘Making Finance Brilliant’ initiative, dovetailing seamlessly with its ambition to bolster operational efficiencies and enrich the colleague experience.

The narrative of this partnership is also intertwined with a broader sustainability ethos. Through the SAP Sustainability Data Exchange, BT Group and SAP are piloting a path towards standardised carbon accounting, a stride towards transparent sustainability reporting and a robust mechanism to tackle Scope 3 emissions.

The integration of technology in carbon accounting operations is a critical step towards achieving more accurate and accessible emissions data, which in turn is vital for meeting sustainability goals. Various emerging solutions are making strides in carbon accounting. For example, a solution named “Tomorrow” focuses on Electricity Carbon Footprint Measurement??.

Johnson Controls and Persefoni are also among the leading companies in the carbon accounting sector, offering hardware, software, and professional services to aid companies in better understanding and managing their carbon emissions?.

This initiative echoes a broader industry trend where technology suppliers are playing a pivotal role in advancing carbon accounting operations. A notable case in point is Salesforce, a major enterprise, retooling its carbon accounting to offer a broad range of cloud software and services for better carbon management.

“The last couple of years have shown the necessity of being able to move fast and be agile to changing circumstances without disrupting either the customer or colleague experience,” said Jay Doshi, managing director of Corporate Units, Digital at BT Group, as he reflected on the agility the new SAP deployment brings.

The alliance also underscores the essence of agility and innovation in today’s business operations. With a suite of SAP cloud applications, BT Group is not merely streamlining its financial processes but is also creating a fertile ground for future innovation. The SAP cloud suite, including the SAP Ariba procurement platform and SAP SuccessFactors, is a testament to the expansive vision of this partnership, setting a precedent for how businesses can traverse the digital transformation journey with a well-rounded, strategic approach.

“With immediate savings, and wider benefits in productivity and performance, our services can scale to meet and deliver against BT Group’s transformation ambitions,” said Ryan Poggi, managing director of SAP UKI.

The reverberations of this strategic alliance echo beyond the immediate operational enhancements. It’s a blueprint for how enterprises can become intelligent entities, capable of navigating the complex business terrains with data-driven insights and a sustainable ethos at their core.

In conclusion, BT Group’s digital transformation, powered by SAP’s suite of solutions, is a narrative of how adaptive strategies and technological innovation can fuel not just business growth, but a sustainable and insightful operational framework that stands resilient amidst the shifting business paradigms.

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