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Contentive Ltd, a leading B2B media and events company, has announced the relaunch of Financial Director as The CFO, recognising the role that CFOs now play as co-pilot to the CEO in devising and navigating their organisation’s strategic roadmap, and navigating a paradigm of growth based on innovation, collaboration and sustainability. 

For almost 40 years, Financial Director has been on the frontline of the finance function, providing progressive finance leaders with the news, analysis and expertise required to innovate and succeed in business. 

Throughout this time, financial leadership has evolved and where the CFO once occupied a role focused on accounting and reporting, they now sit at the heart of organisations as leaders, collaborators and strategic thinkers, poised to drive organisational change. 

As such, and in line with this evolution, Financial Director is embracing a new identity that better mirrors the evolution of the profession, becoming The CFO. 

Commenting on the rebrand, Aaran Fronda, managing editor of The CFO said: “This is a natural step for us: our content has already evolved to embrace the growing responsibilities of finance leaders, and now is the time to consolidate that shift. Over the last decade alone organisations have been faced with seismic disruption, from Brexit, to COVID, to the war in Ukraine – each of these has proffered immense global economic uncertainty and disruption. The CFO is central to solving and navigating these challenges, building and maintaining the foundations of the organisations they represent.” 

Rachel Montgomery-Young, managing director at Contentive added: “This rebrand marks a pivotal moment for our product set. As The CFO we can connect more fully with the entire community of finance leaders, including Chief Finance Officers and other C-Suite professionals, as well as Finance Directors and senior corporate financial professionals with leadership ambitions. Coupled with our 100% digital event, CFO Executive Dialogue, we connect an international CFO community with like-minded changemakers ready to drive the profession forward through the next era of disruption.” 

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