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What’s in store for June’s CFO Virtual Agenda

On 17-18 June, join senior finance leaders and top brands to cover some of the industry’s most pressing issues.

The CFO Virtual Agenda is exclusive to senior executives only, which makes it the best opportunity to network and learn from your peers.

This year’s conference includes topics to support finance leaders with strategic planning. As restrictions continue to lift, business leaders must now map out how they will move from stability to growth. There is no blueprint for this, hence this year’s programme will support your planning process.

This unique virtual event experience includes inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, design-led workshops and a number of interactive sessions, all curated to help you on leading your team and business through the challenges ahead and start making the transition from survival to stability to growth. It is exclusive to senior executives only, secure your free place now>

What’s included in your free ticket?

  • Access to all workshops delivered by expert speakers
  • Access to interactive sessions, including unique design-led workshops
  • Opportunity to network with all of the delegates
  • Access to on-demand content following the event

Confirmed speakers include:

  • The RT Hon Philip Hammond, House of Lords
  • Brian Worrell, CFO, Baker Hughes
  • Gavin van Boekel, CFO Middle Europe, Unilever 
  • Constantinos Mourouzides, CFO UK&IE, IKEA
  • Dirk Kahl, CFO GB, Lidl
  • Markus Kobler, Global CFO, Allianz 
  • Neil Manhas, MD & CFO, Pizza Hut
  • Michael Kreeft, CFO & Executive Director, BMW Japan
  • Claire Peel, CFO, DWS 

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Top sessions include:


Now more than ever CFOs are the guiding light for their business, they have access to all of the data and with this the responsibility to make intelligent well thought out decisions. However, the current climate has meant for many finance leaders their normally long-standing plans have been put on hold and instead decisions have been focused on the short term, ensuring the business is successfully adapting in this changing environment.

However, as we begin to tentatively move from survival to stability many CFOs are now searching for how to balance the impact of short-term decisions with their long-term plans – identify issues such as investment, cost cutting and talent. CFOs must now address how to begin to look at the impact of their decisions and move forward with both immediate action and longer-term sustainable planning. A CFO must also balance the importance of their own judgement and with their appetite for risk.

Panellists include:

  • Dirk Kahl, CFO GB, Lidl
  • Dev Dhingra, Area CFO – UK&I, Maersk
  • Neil Manhas, MD & CFO, Pizza Hut
  • Gladys Wojda, VP of Finance, Delivery Hero
  • Hildegard Verhoeven, CFO, MobileXpense

Key Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • Utilising data to create accurate scenario plans and model future decision making.
  • How do you remain agile, yet plan for longer term effects?
  • Understanding the path of decision making and timeline of implications.
  • Calculating your risk appetite.
  • Understanding when and how to invest.

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The pandemic has changed the way in which individuals work, and it is unlikely that companies will ever return to past practices and an office first culture. While for many the benefits of homeworking have been fully embraced, the novelty is also now wearing off. Many feel isolated, there is a lack of development and missed conversations.

However, people still want to have flexibility moving forwards and to be in a position where they are in control of their working patterns, where they work from and how they work, but what will this look like in practice? Is it really possible to keep everyone happy, whilst also ensuring that development, on boarding and collaboration also happen successfully?

Panellists include:

  • Michael Kreeft, CFO & Executive Director, BMW
  • Annelize Roberts, VP Finance GSK Vaccines Supply Chain & Quality, GSK
  • Luke Bailey, FD, TUI Musement, TUI Group
  • Fiona Burns, Senior Manager, People Consulting, KPMG

Key Outcomes and Takeaways:

  • Reducing employee fatigue and burnout.
  • Creating a balanced environment that utilises both the strengths of homework and office collaboration.
  • On boarding and communication in a digital first world.
  • Balancing the needs of one and the needs of the company.

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As the business environment continues to adapt, so too will the legacies that are created by CFO. A world-class finance function created with carefully resourced scenario plans and agile business plans that help to create sustained earnings whilst maintaining cost discipline are all hallmarks of a successful tenure. However, a truly successful CFO will move beyond standard action and instead guide the business through this new and changeable environment investing in the technology that that will transform their function into a business partner, sourcing the best talent and making strategic and efficient decisions. To be truly successful CFOs will also begin to think about the future, focusing on ESG, diversity, customer relationship development and where they ultimately want to steer the business.

Panellists include:

  • Photis Kellaris, FD, Capita
  • Malcolm Finn, Director of Finance – Global Operations & Control, Johnson Matthey
  • Constantinos Mourouzides, CFO UK&IE, IKEA
  • Brian Montgomery, FD, Workday

Key Outcomes & Takeaways:

  • Why a CFO must always think one step beyond what is happening in the present and instead have the long-term goals aligned.
  • How the CFO must grow the influence and mandate of Finance function.
  • The next decade will bring more challenges but also endless opportunities for the proactive CFO – how to harness the potential?
  • What will the finance function look like in 2030?

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