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COVID-19: Our action plan

Financial Director has taken steps to continue to provide up-to-date, important news and analyses to our readers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dear reader,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads, we continue to hear and read unsettling stories around the globe.

At Financial Director, we recognise the need for articulate, up-to-date and informative reporting, and how that content will  be crucial as businesses restructure and economies readjust.

Over the coming days and months, we have designed our content delivery strategy to bring you everything you need to know, to help you make the strategic decisions, and to help see your organisation through the challenges that could lie ahead.

This includes:

  • Daily news and analysis on how the latest news is impacting finance departments and how CFOs are reacting. We’re building a dedicated section on our website to follow the latest news, but remember to check the newsletters for reminders of our latest content
  • A series of in-depth reports in the coming weeks analysing exactly how segments of our markets are changing
  • Guides and insights on the latest technology available in various corners of the market
  • Utilising our experience to pull together surveys to assess market sentiment, to produce white papers and investigative reports
  • We have moved our events into the virtual world, where our events team has worked hard to help bring the network together remotely – ensuring dynamic, thought-provoking engagement

Each member of our editorial team has unique insights into different corners of the market – bringing expertise, and a vast contact list, to bring you the latest as it happens.

How the pandemic impacts the industry and your business is important to us. We’re here to help you through these uncertain times.


Michael McCaw


Financial Director

For more information on anything in the above, please contact me at [email protected]



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