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Coca-Cola: Transformation must look to customer

In this video, Daniel Willoughby, Director of Finance Transformation at Coca-Cola European Partners talks to Austin Clark, editor of Financial Director, about the implications of digital transformation.

Digital transformation must be used to focus on how to drive a better customer experience, according to Daniel Willoughby, Director of Finance Transformation at Coca-Cola European Partners.

“I think the key thing at the moment is moving more towards the digital space and really focusing on what can drive the customer, what can drive a better customer experience,” Willoughby said.

“We have a number of ERP systems, predominantly SAP-driven, and we are looking to work more towards going to the clouds, how we can get a better service and drive more information from that,” he added.

Willoughby was speaking at the Treasury Leaders Summit when he said that the Coca-Cola team working across Europe in 13 countries needed “connectivity” to provide customers with the best service. This in turn led to a huge cultural change within the company.

“Culturally, we’re seeing a nice balance or are trying to give people a better idea, not necessarily of work-life balance, but work-life satisfaction. It enables people to be able to work from home a bit more regularly, if they’ve got deliveries or are picking up children. They can come in later because they’re connected.

“So, it gives people a better work-life situation, they can blend their lives with their family lives as well,” Willoughby added.

In this video, Clark and Willoughby also discuss:

  • Potential challenges with modern ways of working
  • The importance of IT security
  • Why finance and IT must work together
  • Where finance transformation will take Coca-Cola
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