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Beyond the Product – Warning Signs you should really be looking for…

Customer service, dedicated Project Managers and a complete cloud system should be your priority, says James Wright-Smith, Business Development Manager at accounting software provider bluQube.

False economy is one of the first steps towards failure for most businesses, it’s imperative that your software provider isn’t going to let you down.

The most important value that sets software providers apart from the rest isn’t just the software itself, it’s all about the ongoing commitment. Ensuring a Cloud Accounting Solution pulls everything together lies within the attitude of your provider, all processes and development must be interactional! Having strong empathy towards the needs of every client, is fundamental in ensuring the software is utilised to its full potential. This is exactly why bluQube assigns you to an accountable Project Manager during implementation, specifically designated to encourage development through dialogue…

You need to work collaboratively with your software provider to ensure you’re not only fulfilling your business needs, but on-going support and experience, so ask yourself…

Do they own their software?

A key purchasing decision that’s overlooked surrounds the idea that the product you’re being sold is wholly owned by the organisation that you’re dealing with. If the provider is nothing more than a re-seller, this is the first warning sign that ongoing support could become a problem. You should be able to work with your provider, devise effective solutions to challenges that you have been faced with and get these implemented in software that’s optimised for you. If you are being told that this is not possible, and the software ‘is what it is’, the chances are you are dealing with a re-seller, you won’t feel particularly valued, and who wants to feel like that?

Will their implementations be open and honest?

It’s also crucial to look out for warning signs that could mean your prospective provider is supplying you with short terms benefits to lure you in. The interaction you have with your provider is far more important and a very good indicator of how you will be valued in the future. If you are being told that you will receive a “low cost implementation”, is it a fixed price? Or, are they going to charge you a daily rate, and then drag their feet? Transparency and honestly is the best way to start any relationship!

Are they safe and secure?

It’s vitally important to know what the back-up procedures are to ensure your data is secure. bluQube stores and backs-up all of its data within a military grade bunker, so you can rest assured that your crucial information is totally safe in the hands of a company that really cares. It’s having infrastructure in place such as this, that illustrates how seriously your data is being handled. If additional measures are not in place, is your data being handled with the care it requires?

How long has the company been running?

Security and stability when it comes to your account is crucial, so a long-standing supplier is important, one with a track record of timely implementations and high cloud up-time statistics. Many companies tend to get on the band wagon and make these sorts of claims, however, bluQube launched their own secure cloud system back in 2008, we’ve been there since the start! If there is an apparent lack of experience or knowledge, how can you be sure you won’t fall victim to oversights or mistakes?

What does this all mean?

Within the world of Accounting Software, especially Cloud, these are the sorts of question’s that start to answer the important areas regarding the quality of your future provider. Understanding the steps they’ve taken to create their product is a vital way to predict the ongoing service you will receive. Customer service, dedicated Project Managers and a complete cloud system should be your priority. Suppliers should always be aiming for long-lasting, constantly evolving relationships, that is a result of transparent and efficient costings right from the beginning, exactly what we’ve been achieving for over 20 years. Synergy is at the heart of bluQube’s development and customer relationships.

So ask yourself, is your software provider transactional or interactional?

Is it time to meet bluQube?

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