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Web Seminar: The secret to a ‘Fast Data’ driven business

Join Financial Director and Oracle to hear how finance departments can use 'Fast Data’ to drive business forward in uncertain times

OracleWhen: 3pm (GMT), Thursday 6 October

Each day more connections are made by more people on more devices across more platforms. Data is flowing in real time, with volumes rising exponentially, between systems, markets, media and customers. Meanwhile, socio-economic and political rumblings around Brexit show how economies, risks and reputations can change in an instant.

Making sense of the morass of data that surrounds you, and keeping a sense of control and insight into what affects your business, are essential. Leaders must now face the challenge of de-risking data and capitalising on intangible asset insights around customer sentiment, market movements and wider business environmental factors.

Tomorrow’s finance functions and leaders must have a clear grasp of the world of data and its impact on business. They must be ready to leverage it through advanced analytics to enhance speed and agility, as well as gain forward visibility for the business in a continuously changing world. Knowing how to capitalise on fast data could bring significant and profitable rewards.

Join Financial Director, Oracle and a host of ‘Fast Data’ experts to discover how financial professionals can help create a Fast Data business,

You will learn how to:

• pinpoint and secure essential data to help you value to your business as a whole
• harness insights from the mass of data within and around your business
• generate new levels of speed and agility to increase business value and secure market positioning
• make faster, better-informed and more forward-looking decisions than your competitors

Don’t miss out on learning the secrets of Fast Data business at this essential web seminar.

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