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Off Balance: Someone is trying to crowdfund Greece

OB's heart was warmed when we heard about one man's unusual efforts to help bail out Greece

“THE GREEK DEBT CRISIS DEEPENS” or some variant thereof is something OB has become wearily used to reading over the past five years, and even more so over the last couple of weeks.

So imagine our relief when, at last, a modicum of good news about the beleaguered Mediterranean state emerged as it teeters on the edge of leaving the eurozone.

Yes, a well-meaning man by the name of Thom Feeney is trying to crowdfund another bailout for Greece.

29-year-old Feeney, who works in a shoe shop in London, is seeking a rather ambitious €1.6bn (£1.14bn) by the end of today, and has so far attracted €1.9m from donors.

Anyone donating €3 can expect a postcard from Greece of Alexis Tsipras, Feeney promises, while a donation of €6 will get you a feta and olive salad. €10 will gain you a “small bottle” of Ouzo, while €25 will buy you a bottle of Greek wine. (How much for the whole country? Ed)

It’s fair to assume that, unless the IMF has a massive change of heart and chooses to use IndieGoGo for the first time, then Feeney’s efforts will be in vain.

Still, it’s not for the want of trying.

“All this dithering over Greece is getting boring,” he declares on his fundraising page. “European ministers flexing their muscles and posturing over whether they can help the Greek people or not. Why don’t we the people just sort it instead?

“The European Union is home to 503 million people. If we all just chip in a few Euro then we can get Greece sorted and hopefully get them back on track soon. Easy.”

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