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UK public wants parliamentary Budgets balanced

Most UK adults want government to balance budgets over five years or less

UK CITIZENS want governments to reach Budget parity during the course of parliament.

Four in five adults believe the UK government should balance spending and income, with 65% of respondents saying it should be achieved over a period of five years or less.

The YouGov/Balance The Books poll of 2,000 adults found that 80% want government books balanced over 25 years or less. One in ten (10%) want the Budget balanced over two years.

“The political classes are too terrified by the overdraft they’ve built up on our behalf to be honest,” said Adam Kirby, director of Balance the Books.

“In the normal world, everyone cares about the taxes and public services which mould our lives. But no one believes in politics – they’ve given up hoping that politicians can make a difference.”

Balance The Books is a lobby group to “campaign against broken promises and irresponsible politics”.

“By presenting options for change we want to stop the long-term build up of debt, and permanently reinvigorate our political system,” the group states on its website.

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