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Q&A: Joe Scarboro, Cockett Marine Oil

Monthly FD Q&A with Joe Scarboro, FD of Cockett Marine Oil

01. Rise early or work late?
Early riser, although it’s probably best not to talk to me first thing. I like to get my day organised before the chaos of the working day ensues.

02. Training – on the job or in the classroom?
On the job. There really is no replacement for real business experience. While I was studying, I was constantly applying the theory to my job, and this opportunity to consolidate my learning was invaluable.

03. What’s your management style?
I have a pretty laid back attitude towards managing, provided the correct amount of respect is shown towards the company and the work. I try to encourage communication as the best way to solve issues and hope that my staff feel able to talk to me.

04. Delegator or control freak?
I am definitely a delegator. Being a control freak is far too stressful, and being stressed is not good at all (for business or personally).

05. What’s more comfortable – details or the big picture?
The big picture. I like the odd bit of analysis work, but I much prefer the wider view. I think looking at the big picture allows for far greater creative thinking, which can generate valuable business ideas.

06. Business venue – boardroom or restaurant?
Restaurant. A relaxed environment is important in building a relationship with business partners. The formalities are only a part of developing strong and successful partnerships.

07. Favourite piece of technology?
My iPad. It has such a simple interface and is a joy to use when travelling.

08. Career planner or opportunist?
Opportunist. I know where I want to get to, but not how I am going to get there. A fully mapped-out career path would not excite me at all.

09. What keeps you awake at night?
Tricky personnel matters usually keep my brain active when I’d much rather be resting.

10. Your critical advice to would-be FDs?
Focus on the director part of ‘FD’ more than the finance. It’s clear that the role has developed way past the top back-office position and will continue to develop as long as we can all add value to business, as well as account for it. Become a driver of the business, not just someone looking at the business drivers.

11. Pet workplace hates?
Tardiness, food left in the fridge well past its use-by date, and people not treating company property as well as they would their own.

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