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CIMA aims to break the US, but to what effect?

IN THE world of pop music, success can often be defined by the artist’s ability to break America. I am not sure if management accounts are the pop stars of finance, but the tie up between the AICPA and CIMA to create the CGMA will undoubtedly give its members some bling in the US.

The union will broaden the scope of both organisations, which must be hailed as a good thing. But beyond that I am not sure what practical benefits it will bring.

The CGMA was launched with much fanfare at a live event held in both London and the US, which also launched an extensive report into the need for management accountants to be at the forefront of improving the measurement and reporting of the value of non-financial assets.

But it seems that CIMA members do not need to do anything to earn the new designation. Without entry standards being lifted or a greater width in exam topics it is difficult to see how the newly branded accreditation will tangibly help management accountants to excel in non-financial areas.

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