Consulting » Extraordinary items – FDs don’t share in the bad times.

Extraordinary items - FDs don't share in the bad times.

You just can’t keep a good FD down – no matter what’s happening to the share price.

Marconi’s John Mayo has just been promoted to deputy chief executive, in anticipation of him becoming top dog when Lord (George) Simpson moves up to the chairman’s role later this year. Marconi’s shares have performed dismally, though, down from 1250p last summer to 345p.

At the other end of the scale, Martin Turner (pictured above), FD of internet venture 365 Corporation, who was profiled in Financial Director last April, has also moved up to the deputy chief exec’s job. He is taking over following the departure of founding boss Dan Thompson, despite the fact that, at #35m, 365’s market cap is less than a tenth what it was when we met up with him.

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