Consulting » Extraordinary Items – Consignia. It’s a con. Don’t sign. Yer going to regret it

Extraordinary Items - Consignia. It's a con. Don't sign. Yer going to regret it

"Consignia Pat, Consignia Pat, Consignia Pat and his black and white cat" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

We can’t imagine why the Post Office should follow Andersen Consulting into moniker madness. (Andersens styles itself “Accenture”. Everyone else calls it “Ace Ventura”.) The Post Office insists that the name Consignia hasn’t cost anything like the amount of cash that Ace Ventura has doled out, and argues that the new handle only applies to the holding company – not the Royal Mail. (So what’s the point? – ed). But we’ve done a search, courtesy of Reuters Business Briefing, and found that there have been 210 press articles in the UK in the last month with the word “consign” or “consigned”. Half of those used the word in phrases such as “consigned to the dustbin”, “consigned to history” or “consigned to oblivion”. The rest? We found phrases such as “consigned to the casualty list” and “consigned them to the lowest rung on the Second Division ladder”. Any suggestions as to where the Post Office’s new name should be consigned?

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