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UK plc to meet in May

Financial Director and Peoplesoft invite FDs to join a board meeting of minds.

The second annual board meeting of UK plc is slated to take place on 2 May at the Royal Society of Arts in London. Financial Director readers are invited to attend and to put their questions to the ‘directors’.

The event, hosted by PeopleSoft and Financial Director, will this year focus on how UK plc can adapt to win in the global electronic marketplace.

”From bricks to clicks’ is how we’re characterising this year’s event,’ says PeopleSoft marketing director Alastair McGill. ‘We’re trying to establish what traditional UK companies have to do to make themselves into e-businesses.’

The meeting will be chaired by TV presenter Nick Ross, and the board will be made up of leading figures from industry including Paul Harris, chief executive of Great Universal Stores; Toby Detter, customer service programme director for Shell Europe; and FD editor Andrew Sawers, who will be making his case as the board’s finance director.

The agenda will cover management of the technologies that enable e-business, what UK plc can do to promote its brand, how e-businesses can be financed, and what directors can do to cope with the required changes in business culture.

Attendance at the event is free. The meeting starts at 9am and ends with lunch at 1pm. To reserve your place, or to submit a question to the board in advance, please phone 0118 974 9510 or e-mail your details to [email protected]

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