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Chris Morgan[QQ] Chris Morgan has been appointed finance director at Jersey-based Modern Hotels Group. He has been group accountant since 1998. Age 41 Qualification & date Chartered Accountant, 1986 What things other than finance do you do in your job? Deputise for the managing director, IT and, at times, anything else which doesn’t have a home. Would you rather spend more or less time doing non-finance things? Which? I believe everything relates to finance, it just depends on the time frame. I like to take a long-term view. What percentage of your week is spent in meetings? About 20%. This should probably be more – you only get the full picture when you meet face to face. What do you like dislike most about your current job? Jersey’s finance sector employs many accountants. There is a view at times that commercial accountants like myself are their poor relatives. I’d like to think it’s the other way around. What is the best thing about your auditors? They can sometimes see the wood for the trees. How would you rank our list of key FD attributes (most important first)? (a) accuracy – 2nd (b) stewardship – 2nd (c) entrepreneurial skills – 2nd (d) people management skills – 1st (e) strategic thinking – 2nd What is the strangest/silliest question that a non-finance manager has asked you? “Why haven’t you implemented a paperless office yet?” Do you visit your factories, shops etc? I try to get round all operations at least once a week. It’s vital to be able to relate the numbers to the people that do the work. Do you think an accountancy qualification is essential for FDs? No, but it is an enormous advantage. You never know when those facts you learned are going to come in useful.

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