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With 1999 being Financial Director’s 15th anniversary, we are spending a great deal of time trawling through the archives, discovering all kinds of gems from ages past. We were more than a little surprised, however, to discover that we were one of the first mainstream magazines to write about feng shui, the ancient oriental art of making sure that you do not put your treasury department where the toilets should be. Back in April 1993, we wrote how feng shui experts say that an FD should have as few windows as possible “leaving him free to concentrate and nurturing his relationship with the paperwork, which is seen by feng shui consultants as a higher priority for accountants than their relationship with people.” Do not have a cactus on your desk, either – and sitting with your back to the door isn’t a good idea (but then, we already knew that). Can’t say we’re totally converted, but things have certainly been a lot “karma” around here since we tried it out.

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