Consulting » EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS – Siebe 3, BTR 1: BTR wins.


No surprise that Siebe has the upper hand in its merger with BTR.[QQ] After all, Siebe has not one, not two, but three financial directors on its board. First of all, there’s Roger Mann, Siebe’s FD of many years’ standing who stepped down from that role in July while retaining his seat on the board in preparation for his retirement at the end of 1998. His successor is Phil Cox (no, not the Phil Cox who used to be Asda’s FD). Finally, there’s non-exec director Hugh Collum, one of the most highly regarded FDs in the business whose retirement from SmithKline Beecham coincides with that of Mann. Against all that, it’s BTR’s sole FD, Kathleen O’Donovan (above), who will be taking on the group finance role at BTR Siebe – though we’re assured that Cox won’t be short of things to do in the combined group.

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