Consulting » EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS – Jesus saves – at Bank of Scotland.

EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS - Jesus saves - at Bank of Scotland.

God meets mammon in the recently announced link-up between Bank of Scotland and American televangelist Pat Robertson. The austere Edinburgh institution is doing a deal that will give the bank access to the 55 million subscribers to Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. If it proves as successful as the deal with Sainsbury’s and its loyalty card holders, then the 300-year-old bank could pick up another 5 million account holders. Thoughts of money-lenders and temples, rich men, camels and eyes of needles may spring to mind. But there are other reasons for wondering whether the joint venture between Scottish bankers and a US preacher is going to be a hit. After all, on the back of US banknotes it says: “In God we trust – everyone else pays cash.”

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