Consulting » Extraordinary items – It’s a sterling effort but.

Extraordinary items - It's a sterling effort but.

Have we got financial news for Ian Hislop![QQ] As much as we enjoy Private Eye, we think he and his team should perhaps stick to exposing hypocrisy amongst politicians and luvvies – and leave the matters of high finance to others. The cover of a recent issue took a swipe at the slowly deflating euro by putting the magazine’s cover price as “£1 or 0.000012 EUROS”. Now we certainly don’t object to giving the single European currency a good kicking when it’s down – but there can’t be any FD readers who didn’t instantly spot that the numbers are the wrong way round. The way the Eye has it, one euro is worth £83,333.33, making it the most valuable currency in the world. Shurely shome mishtake.

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