Consulting » EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS – Good looking FD (but only on paper).

EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS - Good looking FD (but only on paper).

In January last year we reported how Debonair FD Richard Clapson had modelled for advertising posters for the upmarket European regional airline. Now we see that Emily Grant, FD of Osmosis Records, is also pursuing a modelling career, only she’s advertising somebody else’s products. But the advert she’s done for Conqueror paper – you may have spotted it at your local bus shelter – doesn’t show her at her best. In fact, it doesn’t show Emily Grant at all – because there’s no such person and no such company. Conqueror’s ad campaign is based on “fictionalised” endorsements. Still, it’s nice to know the people at Conqueror share our view that FDs are young and trendy like Emily. Not sure about the lavender nail polish, though.

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