Consulting » EXTRA ORDINARY ITEMS – A sterling performance.

EXTRA ORDINARY ITEMS - A sterling performance.

Stanislas Yassukovich CBE, the chairman of pan-European stock exchange Easdaq, naturally enthuses about the merits of a truly transnational market for equities. In the spring edition of the newsletter Prospects Europe, he writes that Easdaq “is ‘at home’ everywhere in its time zone” (see right). He laments the fact that the media insists on reporting stock exchange trading statistics on a city-by-city basis, “despite the existence of the single currency in the euro-zone”. So who’s this we see on the letterhead of the anti-euro pressure group, Business for Sterling? Why, it’s none other than council member Stanislas Yassukovich CBE. Surely it couldn’t be because British membership of EMU would make the London Stock Exchange an even more attractive market for euro-investors, stealing Easdaq’s continental thunder?

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