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EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS - Black and white and read all over.

Last month's "Bar Code Commerce" special issue raised a few eyebrows.

Just for the heck of it, we went ultra-minimalist by putting virtually nothing on the front cover except our own bar code. That confused a few readers who thought that we had sent out final proofs, without a proper cover illustration. But we also produced two different covers: one was white with a black and white bar code, while the other was black with a white and black bar code (only the first one would actually have been readable by a scanner: the other was, in effect, a negative). Any passionate Panini-type Financial Director readers who want to collect the whole set can contact us for a copy of the one they didn’t get. By the way, the National Lottery ticket that we printed on page 24 last month won ten quid. Coming a month after our success at the roulette wheels, it looks like FD is a better bet than ever.

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