Web3 Finance Compensation Report: CFOs’ packages are +17% higher in web3

+900 respondents show a worldwide trend: finance people earn more in web3 projects


  • June 20, 2024

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Web3 Finance Club, in partnership with Request Finance, has shared the findings of a survey carried out with nearly 900 web3 finance professionals. This comprehensive report provides insights into the compensation trends within the Web3 financial sector, offering important data for finance professionals to benchmark compensation within their organizations, and better understand if they are being paid what they deserve.

Based on data from Web3 professionals worldwide, key findings include:

  • Web3 vs. Traditional Finance: Web3 finance professionals earn significantly more than their counterparts in traditional finance roles, with an average increase of 27% and some positions, like accountants, earning up to 128% more.
  • Remote Work Prevalence: 92% of respondents work remotely, far exceeding global averages and reflecting the modern, flexible nature of Web3 roles.
  • Substantial Gender Pay Gap: Despite the progressive ethos of Web3, a notable gender pay gap persists, with women earning 46% less than men on average.
  • Crypto Compensation: Nearly half of web3 finance professionals receive some or all of their remuneration in cryptocurrencies, with 41.7% of respondents being paid at least partly in crypto, such as stablecoins and company tokens.
  • Variable Pay Disparities: Nearly half of respondents report no variable pay, while the other half experience diverse variable pay models, with significant bonuses often reaching 50% or more of base salary.
  • Equity Compensation Prevalence: A significant 63% of Web3 finance professionals receive equity as part of their compensation, highlighting the startup culture within the sector.

Christophe Lassuyt, Founder of Web3 Finance Club and CEO of Request Finance, emphasized the report’s importance in fostering transparency and guiding the future of Web3 finance.

“Our goal is to support businesses in adopting crypto by equipping finance leaders with crucial knowledge and tools,” said Lassuyt. “This report is instrumental in raising awareness about compensation trends and encouraging more professionals to explore the opportunities in Web3.”

The Web3 Finance Club, with over 850 members, continues to serve as a vital platform for finance professionals to connect, share ideas, and stay ahead in the dynamic Web3 finance landscape. Through exclusive events, expert content, and industry insights, the club fosters professional growth and innovation.

For more information and to access the full report, visit Web3 Finance Club.