The CFO Content Policy

The CFO Content Policy delineates the guidelines for the acceptable use of The CFO press release distribution service. The CFO posts are made available through a self-service platform, becoming public as soon as a user submits a release.

We urge you to thoroughly review this policy, giving special attention to the Prohibited Content section, to ensure your release complies with all guidelines for acceptable, relevant content before making your announcement.

The CFO will review each press release submission and reserves the right to remove any press release that breaches this policy, without offering credit or refund to the purchaser.

Content Policy

The CFO ensures each press release receives visibility, allowing The CFO readers immediate access to announcements the moment they are made public by companies. The CFO readers seek newsworthy and industry-specific updates from peer companies, trade groups, and key organizations.

To maintain the distinction between company news announcements, advertising, and editorial content, The CFO reviews all posts. We require that all The CFO users adhere to these press release publication guidelines. All accompanying multimedia (logos, photos, images, and documents) must also comply with the publication standards outlined below.

The CFO’s service is intended for sharing newsworthy, accurate, timely, industry-relevant, and informative company announcements with The CFO readers. We welcome announcements that contribute value to industry-focused business discussions. Relevant business announcements in line with this Content Policy include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Partnerships
  • Investment news
  • New products and services
  • Expansions
  • Financial results and reports
  • Recalls and safety news
  • Research report findings and insights
  • Event announcements
  • Talent and hiring news


Your release headline will reach thousands of our readers for 21 days across The CFO news sites and selected newsletters.

Headlines should contain fewer than 14 words. The CFO recommends starting the headline with the company name, followed by an action verb, and then the news, e.g., “The CFO Launches New Financial Analysis Tool.”


The dateline marks the news’s public availability date and location.

It will be automatically formatted upon entering the city, state, and country where the news is announced.


Content All press release body content must include:

  • Newsworthy content
  • An objective tone
  • Legally accurate information
  • Valid contact information
  • Written authorization
  • A standard length of approximately 400-1400 words
  • AP Style grammar and spelling
  • A clear news source

Prohibited Content

The inclusion of any of the following content is strictly forbidden. The CFO reviews each press release submission and reserves the right to remove any post violating the below guidelines, without credit or refund to the purchaser:

  • Crypto
  • Casino/Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • With unlimited do follow links
  • Promotional material aimed at direct leads or sales from the announcement
  • Poorly written news releases
  • Advertisements
  • Opinion pieces
  • Disinformation or misleading information
  • Blogs/Generic Information
  • Articles
  • Slander
  • Inappropriate content (violent, sexual, etc.)
  • Excessive frequency – a company may not ‘flood the feed’ or post more than one press release per company, per publication, in a 24-hour period.

By utilizing The CFO services, you agree to this The CFO Content Policy and The CFO’s Terms of Use (“Terms”).