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The role of the CFO is transforming and must now be focused more heavily on creating value, driving the strategic direction of the organisation, and effectively communicating financials with stakeholders. The current economic climate presents an opportunity for finance leaders to not only demonstrate such value but navigate the organisation through uncertain times using their leadership capabilities. For finance leaders to capitalise on this unique moment in time, they must move to break down data silos to draw meaningful insight to drive the business forward.

What actions can finance leaders take to enable technology to play a significant role in their decision-making process by analysing vast amounts of data and highlighting important information? How necessary is it for the finance function to place greater emphasis on AI during a recession, given its critical role in supporting real-time business decisions?

Incubator discussion points:

  • What strategies can finance leaders implement to streamline the financial reporting process and improve stakeholder communication?
  • How can finance leaders leverage AI to enhance their decision-making capabilities during economic uncertainty?
  • What role does the finance function play in shaping the overall digital transformation strategy of an organisation?
  • How can finance leaders balance risk management with the pursuit of digital transformation and elevated stakeholder value?
  • How can finance leaders harness technology to unlock hidden business insights and make data-driven decisions?

Incubator solutions:

  • Create a comprehensive risk management framework that enables confident decision-making and protects against potential threats in the digital age.
  • Have access to a blueprint for increased transparency and accountability using data and digital tools.
  • Implement a framework for greater collaboration between finance and other departments, leading to improved cross-functional decision-making.
  • Understand the key factors to create a more agile and adaptable finance organisation that is better equipped to respond to changes in the market and consumer behaviour.
  • Leverage on AI to enhance decision-making capabilities during economic uncertainty by identifying patterns and trends in financial data, to mitigate risks and unlock potential opportunities.

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C-Suite: CFO/Chief Financial Officer, CFO of Region (e.g. EMEA), MD, Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer/CRO
VP / SVP /Group Head / Group Director / Director / Global Head of / Head of: Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, Finance Operations, Divisional Finance, Group Finance Director, Finance and IT, Commercial Finance, Financial Reporting, Financial Control & Planning, Internal Audit, Strategy & Portfolio Performance

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