Events » Webinar: How the best businesses structure spend in a downturn

Webinar: How the best businesses structure spend in a downturn

As companies emerge from the pandemic, finance teams are encountering newly increased pressures from inflation and potential recession. To win in the current market, businesses need thorough visibility and control over their spend so they can make crucial financial decisions quickly and with all necessary information. More and more of the best finance teams are using comprehensive spend management platforms to accomplish this.

Legacy processes fail to deliver real-time financial clarity and slow down companies via repetitive, time-consuming admin that adds no value. This robs finance teams of the time and resources they need to make sound strategic financial decisions. Companies that remain hamstrung by these practices are bound to struggle. Modern spend management platforms enable teams to develop a holistic view of company spend, exercise increased control, and reduce friction across departments and activities. Better information and more time mean finance teams can focus on making strategic recommendations and adding value where it really counts.

Join spend management platform Kloo and The CFO for this webinar where we will explore topics including:

  • How CFOs use spend management tools to navigate the current market environment
  • How to maintain spend discipline while enabling all teams to operate flexibly
  • How to budget strategically and implement your company‚Äôs spend policies effectively
  • How to manage a growing number of SaaS subscriptions and keep only those that generate value

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