If the impending Brexit vote and fears of trade wars between the US and China were not enough, the year has started with concerns about China’s economy, whether a slowing down of could harm the wider world. The country’s stock market was the world’s worst performer last year, ending with a loss of 28%.

Last week tech giant Apple said slowing sales in China meant it would not meet sales expectations. Big car makers General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler are all sounding the alarm about slowing Chinese sales, including the UK’s luxury vehicle maker JLR.

US and Chinese negotiators begin talks this week, the first face-to-face negotiations since Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed a trade truce at the G20 summit in Argentina last month — with a March 2 deadline to strike an agreement or see an escalation in tariffs.

In a year that national borders will be raised to appease populist demands, this latest threat to global prosperity reveals just how interconnected we all are- and the fallacy of trying to go it alone.

It will be a year in which finance leaders, as much as anyone, will need to exhibit mental strength- an area we concentrate on in FD Weekend’s lead feature- on the robust CFO.