As we prepare for the Christmas break, it is only right to take stock of the past year and assess what 2019 may bring.

Certainly, the political stage will be dominated by Brexit, with a multitude of possible outcomes, and the global economic picture may yield some surprises.

At the corporate level there will be continual change as companies seek to refocus for the fast-changing environment- where disruption will play a bigger part.

Then there is the change in companies driven by expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Today we feature an inquest into corporate governance procedures at Telecom Italia- one of Europe’s biggest telecoms groups- that had revenues of €76bn last year and will be a key player in that country’s development of a 5G network.

This situation reflects the fast changing environment we are in- where elements of corporate culture that may have been accepted at one time, may now be viewed as unacceptable.

It’s a reminder that nothing stands still in business, and that constant change has become the new normal.