As motor industry executives descend on Detroit this week for its annual motor show, the leaders of the sector- a bellwether for the global economy- will need to take stock.

In recent weeks there’s been plenty of bad news- Ford and Jaguar Land Rover cancelling thousands of jobs as the bad news of China’s economy dents prospects.

The world’s biggest carmaker, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, is missing its leader Carlos Ghosn, who is still incarcerated in Japan in an ongoing investigation.

But what should come out of this event will be innovative ideas around how to collaborate- that VW and Ford are exploring- or relationship between carmakers and tech- which Renault and Google are working on.

There will always be a need for more mass transit for growing populations- the traditional carmakers just need to get their heads around what the new paradigm looks like- and how to provide the solutions.