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How can you extract more value from your payroll? Join the discussion on the shift in payroll and how it can now be used to deliver accurate real-time data, analytics and insight to drive strategic decision making.

Our survey of hundreds of financial leaders from top UK businesses revealed that although the payroll function in mid-market and enterprise organisations is highly valued, the payroll technology and solutions being used simply don’t make the cut. Finance leaders see the potential of the payroll function to become of greater strategic value and power ongoing digital transformation. Join this webinar to find out how.

In partnership with HR & payroll experts, SD Worx, we’ll discuss the survey findings and pull out the learnings that can benefit you, with a focus on:

  • How the pandemic has urged Finance teams to assess payroll data strategically
  • What technological changes have driven deeper insight into the payroll function, and how it’s powering business decisions
  • Motivations behind why organisations have moved to a more bonus-related remuneration system
  • How automation can reduce risk and ensure legislative compliance